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 with a 2.7K camera

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      Fully waterproof drones that can fly even in heavy rain

      ✅ Powerful with payloads up to 2.5 kg

      High efficiency rate with aerodynamics designed to be able to fly longer in strong winds

      ✅ Reliable with a trusted GPS flight controller

      Remote Remote control resistant to water and sand, so that it can be used on the beach without fear that the sand will catch the sticks of the remote control

      ✅ LCD screen for telemetry of drones, battery and GPS status, to use with or without smartphone, the Gannet camera is an optional Full HD live video (1080p) extracted from the gimbal camera which allows a search effective rescue drone with live HD video

      ✅ Several auxiliary fixing points for adding 4k action / 360 cameras and projectors

      Electronics Fully sealed electronics, preventing electronics corrosion, although requiring barometric pressure detection without inhibition

      Release Electro-mechanical triggering of the payload which can be activated mechanically or electrically

      Expandable with the ability to add long-lasting external batteries and custom payload bays

      ✅ Integrated lights for easy night navigation

      We took up the challenge of creating something that meets all of the above goals in order to create a truly unique and market-leading product.

      The Gannet team can claim to have achieved its objectives in the new Gannet Pro

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      Drones, in particular waterproof flying drones, present a unique challenge in that they use barometric pressure to control their altitude / height. To do this, they must breathe and move about 20% of their internal air volume on each flight. As the electronic components and the battery heat up, the internal air increases in volume and the excess volume must be evacuated from the sealed hull of the drone.

      All other existing "waterproof" drones use a breathable fabric / paper membrane through which air is expelled. This membrane method is used because there is no mechanical means (valve) allowing a two-way free air flow, but prevents the flow of water and reopens as soon as there is no more water.

      Once the drone starts to cool, say when it starts to rain or when it falls in the water, or even just at the end of each flight, the air cools and contracts and at that time, new air is sucked into the drone by the vacuum formed from the air and the contracting components, it is the same with each descent of the drone, the external barometric pressure and the forced air. If the membrane is wet at this point, it becomes an obstacle to the free circulation of air, but
      Despite this barrier, the vacuum will still draw water and / or water vapor into the drone and the electronics compartment, causing long-term damage. This wet membrane constitutes an important barrier to the circulation of free air which prevents the heated / expanded air from escaping from the drone, which causes an increase in the internal pressure which, in turn, gives false readings to the controller. flight, which leads to an involuntary and undesirable altitude gain from the drone.

      To meet this unique challenge, each Gannet is equipped with a flexible internal flight bladder. The concept is incredibly simple and looks a lot like the swim bladder of fish. A short tube is connected to a strategically placed and protected opening on the outside of the drone. This tube is then connected to the flight bladder which, at rest contains about 20% of the internal volume of the drones. When the drone heats up the expanding air, it pushes on the outside of the bladder and forces the air in the bladder to exit through the opening, thereby reducing the size of the bladder.

      The air drawn in when the drone cools or changes the altitude does
      that fill the bladder through the tube and can never reach the electronics. Regardless of the water content of the air, it does not matter the humidity content, because all that matters for the drone is the volume moved, a function that the flight bladder effortlessly fulfills. If water were to be sucked in at this point, it would simply run out at a later stage and be replaced with air after it had left the water. This unique, patent-pending design ensures that electronics will never see the outside environment, whether it's humid air, rain, snow, salt spray, or seawater. dry at all times and with a perfectly balanced barometric pressure, this guarantees a stable flight without
      uncontrollable altitude gain, as is the case with all other "waterproof" drones.


      At the beginning, we had designed these drones to transport loads, whether it is a life jacket on search and rescue mission, a bait for fishing or an external battery for times of extended flights.

      The smallest Gannet Pro is designed to lift and fly with loads up to 2 kg (4.4 lb).

      These heavier loads place enormous demands on the drone's battery and limit flight time to a large extent, even if the Pro can carry a tow line that saves lives up to a person in difficulty several hundred meters from shore. For the shore-based fisherman in New Zealand, he can create a kontiki line as far as the eye can see.


      Many drones are used for fishing and one of the biggest weights of drones is when the line is stuck or when a seagull or pelican hits the line while the drone is going out with the line. It was easy to solve this problem by equipping each Gannet Done with the patented Gannet XSport electromechanical double release. This gives the user the possibility to configure the version for automatic release on a given parameter. So if 1 kg is stolen, the user can set the release to 1.5 kg. As soon as a bird hits the line, it simply triggers the recording of the drone, and if a fall of precession is required, you just need to press the button on the remote control and trigger the electric side. load on order.

      This press release is not intended exclusively for fishing, as it can also be used when hovering over a rope or rescue device for a person in distress. The drone can lower the strap and when it pulls on the line, it will come off. Or we can even bring them ashore with the drone itself knowing that the drone is safe and will be released if the load becomes too heavy.

      Gannet has been manufacturing drone release systems since 2016 for all major brands of drones. It is therefore logical that the best possible clearance is adapted to the Gannet Pro. Gannet XSport has several multinational patents issued and pending, making it the only electromechanical tripping system in the world with integrated safety.

      The Gannet Pro drones were designed as short-range delivery drones, unlike most other drones which are symmetrical camera platforms, with a camera suspended at the bottom and capable of flying at almost identical speeds in all the directions, the Gannets are aerodynamic much faster and with less energy consumption than most drones with a camera platform.

      As a result, Gannet drones are unmistakably recognizable and uniquely shaped. This is due to the fact that the gimbal and GPS were placed far in the head with fast aerodynamic arms. Resembling a paratrooper or perhaps even a flying penguin. When hovering, the elongated body is tilted backwards so that, when the body is horizontal, the drone is already advancing at high speed. This results in the smallest possible frontal area which cuts the air, preserving the battery as much as possible. The attentive eye will notice that nothing is straight on these drones, not one of the motors, the inclined body and the asymmetrical curved arms contribute to make it
      among the most efficient drones on the market.

      COLOR SET:

      In the natural world, animals have adopted colors that blend into their environment, hunters or prey. The Great White, killer whales, penguins and even some seagulls are all light below and dark above. This is to help blend in when viewed directly from above or below in their 3-dimensional worlds.
      However, the two contrasting colors really increase visibly when viewed from the side, which is why our gannets are in black and white. They stand out in all weather conditions and over very long distances, which makes visual flight more distant more pleasant. Next to the color palette comes the asymmetrical shape, which makes it easy to see what the drone is facing.


      One of the elements to be changed and recharged regularly in the field is the Lithium Polymer battery. To do this, we placed the battery in its own waterproof compartment opening at the back of the drone.

      To ensure ease of installation, we have created an easily accessible compartment at the rear of the drone, isolated from all internal elements. In the event that sand compromises the seal, only the compartment will infiltrate with water and only the battery will be exposed, not the expensive electronic components.

      The Gannet's double waterproof compartment design is unique to the Gannet drone, making it the safest waterproof drone on the market.

       FLIGHT CONTROL:When we were looking for a proven and proven flight control system, we opted for the system of the market leader in drone technologies, DJI Naza mV2. As a market leader, we are convinced that each Gannet drone has the best possible GPS and flight control system, ensuring trouble-free operation.HD VIDEO:An optional 2-axis internal gimbal camera (see Gannet Pro Camera System Perk) provides live HD video to the Gannet app connected to a smartphone or tablet with video display and map.The camera is not intended for professional videographers or photographers, as its resolution is 2k 1080p).Its use is intended for live visualization in order to facilitate SAR missions or to locate fish during fishing. However, if you want to use 4K video, you can easily install additional cameras at multiple auxiliary mounting points.REMOTE CONTROL:The remote control, like the drone, is function oriented. Resistant to splashes, rain and sand, ideal for use on the beach or in a boat in any weather, even snow is no problem. The control levers and switches are sealed with rubber bellows, which prevents sand and dirt from accumulating there, as is often the case with standard machines. With an integrated LCD screen providing the operator with everything they need, such as vital drone telemetry, distance, height, drone battery and GPS satellites. With this, the Gannet can be operated without connecting a smartphone or a tablet. Connecting a smart device via the Gannet app to the drone provides a high definition display for video feedback and map location in real time. This also stores flight logs and history in the app.BATTERY IN CHARGEThe main market for Gannet drones being those who will move away from their home, all Northern Gannets are delivered with a battery charger capable of recharging the battery in about 1 hour from a 12V DC battery or a plug 110 V-240 V sector for convenient charging.

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  • In the package

    In the package:
    - 1 charger
    - 1 Gannet Pro Drone with camera
    - 1 XS Sport release hook
    - 1 Suitcase
    - 1 LIVH5200 14.8V Battery
    - 1 Remote control

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